This post was written by Michelle Henderson, Clinical Education Manager, MacGregor Healthcare. This study was undertaken […]
A female medical professional holds a clip board and smiles at a female patient. The image represents the common questions and concerns regarding Bladder and Bowel Health Issues.
Do you ever find yourself asking: At Bladder & Bowel UK we are contacted by people […]
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This is a guest blog for Bladder & Bowel UK, written by Dr Benjamin Disney, a […]
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In today’s world communication is ever changing. Individuals prefer to communicate in a variety of ways […]
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Your bladder and bowel are key to your health and wellbeing. If they are not looked […]
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This post has been written by Davina Richardson, Children’s Specialist Nurse at Bladder & Bowel UK […]
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This post has written by Joanne Hoyle, Continence Specialist Nurse at Bladder & Bowel UK, to […]
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This blog post has been written by Karen Irwin, Service Manager/Specialist Nurse at Bladder & Bowel […]
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Many parents and carers worry about toilet training their children. This can be so much more […]
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Toilet training is an area of normal child development that causes anxiety for many families. However, […]