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BBUK’s Just Can’t Wait Cards

just cant wait card

Do you need to access the toilet urgently? Bladder & Bowel UK have launched a new Just Can’t Wait Card.

Our Just Can’t Wait Card is recognised and supported by many retail and service organisations, giving you access to toilets not normally available to the general public.

Whilst the card is not guaranteed to give you access to toilets, the cards are widely accepted and acknowledged.

  • A FREE pocket sized plastic card
  • Giving you access to the Bladder & Bowel UK confidential helpline
  • Available from Bladder & Bowel UK, a charitable service
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We love to hear your feedback!

I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and symptoms include: IBS, bowel problems and a sudden need to urinate. I was googling for information on how to manage this when I found your website. All the info is very helpful and when I saw the card I was thrilled. Thank you and your team for all the hard work you do, I’m so grateful. – Stacey

That’s absolutely fantastic thank you so much. You won’t believe how easier my life will be now, thank you again.  – Kelly

One of our neighbours mentioned your Just Can’t Wait Card when a recent conversation turned to the decreasing availability of public toilets and the increasing need to rely on the goodwill of commercial outlets. Our neighbour told us she had presented Bladder & Bowel UK’s Just Can’t Wait card on a number of occasions, usually with success. Thanks for all you do and looking forward to receiving our cards in due course.

You might also like to visit our adults resources page for information on bladder and bowel problems.


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