Bladder & bowel health

Bladder and bowel problems in adults are not uncommon, affecting both males and females of all ages. Common problems may include urgently needing to pass urine, incontinence, or difficulties fully emptying the bladder or bowel.


We understand that having a bladder and/or bowel problem, can cause embarrassment, anxiety and distress.


These problems can often have a major impact on an individual’s quality of life.


Often, people are reluctant to discuss their symptoms with anyone, as they find it difficult to admit they are experiencing a problem.

Treatment & Support

It is important to know that much can be done to treat, manage and improve symptoms, and there are NHS specialist services to access.

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Bladder health information

Up to six million people in the UK are affected.

Bladder problems and urinary incontinence can affect anyone at any time, regardless of age. There are several types of urinary incontinence. We offer guidance and advice on how to cope with issues, and how to promote bladder health.

Bowel health information

Bowel problems in adults are not uncommon

They affect people of all ages and any gender. We know that bowel conditions can be difficult to talk about, but there are many options to treat and assist with conditions. We can offer patient information, product advice, support and practical help.

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National confidential helpline

Speak to specialist nurses and product experts

Receive advice on bladder and bowel health issues, continence promotion and options for managing incontinence, as well as signposting to local services.