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Below are a range of materials related to bladder and bowel health and issues in children, for reference and use by professionals. Our information library for children and families also contains useful information.




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This post was written by Michelle Henderson, Clinical Education Manager, MacGregor Healthcare.This study was undertaken whilst Michelle was Clinical Lead in the Durham Bowel Dysfunction service, with Professor Yan Yiannakou (Consultant Neurogastroenterologist) as the Chief Investigator. She has since joined MacGregor Healthcare as Clinical Education Manager.PERSPECTIVE […]
There is a common misconception that urinary incontinence (the unintentional passing of urine) is untreatable and inevitable; that it is something people just have to put up with, especially with advancing age. While it is quite common, thought to affect up to 1 in 10 people […]
Mother and daughter cooking together, woman talking on the phone.
By Brigitte Collins & Michelle Henderson of MacGregor Healthcare INTRODUCTION A 42-year-old woman (Lucy, pseudonym) presented to a pelvic floor unit with symptoms of tenesmus, a feeling of incomplete evacuation and a sensation of pressure in her vagina. These symptoms have been present since the birth […]