Children and young people

Bladder and bowel health

Issues affecting the bladder and bowel are very common in children and young people. Here you can find specialist advice to help.

varied issues

The problems can include difficulties with toilet training, wetting and/or soiling.

Any age

Younger children are affected more often than older children, but problems can happen at any age.

You’re not alone

Parents or carers often feel as if their child is the only one suffering, as nobody talks about it.

It’s common

Such issues can affect up to 28% of all children and adolescents at any one time.

Children and bladder issues

Bladder problems are common in children and young people of all ages.

Common issues include night time wetting, and there are a number of other concerns children, young people or their parents may have. Learn more about the issues and possible solutions here.

Children and bowel issues

Many children are affected by a bowel problem.

It is not always obvious what is causing the problem. Constipation is a common cause of difficulties. Find out more about constipation and many other issues here.

Information at your fingertips

Browse tips, information and advice for children

Whether you’re looking at toilet training, bedwetting, bladder or bowel health or many other issues, our expert-written resources will provide you with information you can trust. 

Support for families

Speak to specialist nurses and our continence product experts

We can also suggest how to approach your child’s GP, health visitor, school nurse, or other healthcare professional for treatment if appropriate. They should be able to offer individual assessment and treatment or refer you to a specialist for this, if necessary.