Teenagers and young adults

Bladder and bowel health

Bladder and bowel issues can affect teenagers and young adults. Here you can find specialist advice to help.


We understand that having a bladder and/or bowel problem, can cause embarrassment, anxiety and distress.

Any age

Problems from childhood don’t always just get better with time, and new problems can start at any time. This is not caused by anything you are doing wrong/not doing.

You’re not alone

It can be difficult to talk about bladder and bowel problems, you might feel like you are the only one suffering, as nobody discusses it. You are not alone.

Treatment & support

It is important to know that treatments can be put in place to manage and improve symptoms, and things can get better. Your healthcare professional should be able to help.

Teenagers and bladder issues

Bladder problems can affect teenagers and young adults.

Bladder problems can affect anyone, there are many different causes, and treatments are available. Ask your parent/carer for support to find help. 

Teenagers and bowel issues

Bowel problems can be difficult for teenagers and young adults.

We know that bowel conditions can be difficult to talk about, but there are many options to treat and assist with conditions. It is not always obvious what is causing the problem, but we can offer patient information, product advice, support and practical help.


Information at your fingertips

Browse tips, information and advice for teenagers

Whether you are worried about bladder or bowel health, our expert-written resources provide information you can trust. You or your parent/carer can contact our helpline for advice and support. 

Support for families

Speak to specialist nurses and our continence product experts

Our specialist adult and children’s nurses can suggest how to approach your healthcare professional for treatment if appropriate.  We can offer advice on bladder and bowel health, options for managing incontinence, products, as well as signposting to services.