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Bladder and Bowel Resources for Adults

Welcome to our resources for bladder and bowel problems in adults. Please browse the useful information on here that ranges from practical hints and tips about factual information on clinical conditions that affect the bladder and bowel.

These leaflets are produced by Specialist Nurses who have a wealth of knowledge in the continence speciality. The information is extremely useful to individuals who are experiencing bladder or bowel problems, their family members and carers and healthcare professionals.

The resources for bladder and bowel problems are constantly under review to ensure they are accurate and contain the most up to date information.

Bladder resources

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342Discussing Mitrofanoff

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342Discussion about Supra pubic catheter

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Easy Read Bedwetting

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Healthy Bladder and Bowels – fluid advice

Bowel resources

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Discussing Constipation in Adults

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Easy Read Constipation Booklet

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Facts About Constipation

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Healthy Bowel – A guide to a healthy diet and dietary fibre

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Healthy Bladder and Bowels – fluid advice

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Understanding Constipation in People with Learning Difficulties – Identification & Treatment

General resources

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Going Out with Confidence

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Practical Guide to the Use of Incontinence Pads

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342  Practical Help – Hygiene

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342  Sport and Continence

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Toileting Aids

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Urinals on Prescription with Photos

Useful links to NICE guidance on bladder and bowel conditions

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Adult Continence

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342Faecal Incontinence

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Lower Urinary tract symptoms

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Urinary Incontinence

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Urinary Tract Infections

Other continence documents

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Guidance for the Provision of Containment Products for Adult Incontinence – a consensus document 2017

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/excellence-in-continence-care.pdf


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