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Adult Resources

Adults – Resources

We are currently developing our range of resources for adults with bladder and/or bowel problems and would also welcome any suggestions regarding specific topics you would like to see developed.

The ‘Talk about…’ range of booklets are aimed at Adults to help them understand the problems they are having and what needs to be done to help things get better.

The ‘Discussing…’ range will be aimed at adults and reflect the ‘Talk about…’ range of booklets giving an overview of specific problems and the treatment options available.

The ‘Facts about…’ range will be aimed more at professionals and carers to give a deeper understanding and explanation of the specific conditions and treatments.

Booklets and information leaflets

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Booklet for people with LD and constipation

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Discussing constipation in adults

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342Discussing Mitrofanoff

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342Discussion About Supra pubic catheter

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Going Out with Confidence

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Healthy Bladder and Bowel – fluid advice

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 HEALTHY BOWEL – A guide to a healthy diet and dietary fibre

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Facts About Constipation

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Practical Guide to the Use of Incontinece Pads

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Practical Help – hygiene

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 SPORT AND CONTINENCE

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342Urinals on prescription with photos

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Understanding constipation in people with learning difficulties for review

Useful links to NICE guidance on bladder and bowel conditions

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Adult Continence

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Urinary tract infections

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Lower Urinary tract symptoms

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Urinary Incontinence

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342Faecal Incontinence

Other continence documents

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Guidance for the provision of containment products for adult incontinence – A consensus document 2017


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