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An graphic from Aquaflush to represent transanal irrigation with a photo of a women smiling with a quote next to her reading 'It's changed my life'
Constipation is common, but there are management options that can help. Here we take a look […]
This post was written by Michelle Henderson, Clinical Education Manager, MacGregor Healthcare. This study was undertaken […]
A stock image of a physiotherapist to represent a Guide to Rehabilitation after a Bladder or Bowel Injury
This article was written by medical negligence solicitors, Clarke Willmott. Associate Isabel Harper from Clarke Willmott’s […]
A female medical professional holds a clip board and smiles at a female patient. The image represents the common questions and concerns regarding Bladder and Bowel Health Issues.
Do you ever find yourself asking: At Bladder & Bowel UK we are contacted by people […]