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Product Innovation Award

Introducing the Bladder & Bowel UK Product Innovation Award 

The Bladder & Bowel UK Product Innovation Award recognises design-led solutions to the real needs of people with bladder and/or bowel issues. The award celebrates a product whose design takes into account genuine patient need, and which meets this need using patient-centred design, ultimately improving patient quality of life. 

It will be judged by a panel including clinicians who specialise in bladder and/or bowel care, representatives from research and academia, and members of the public living with bladder and/or bowel issues. Bladder & Bowel UK are delighted that the judging panel will be headed by Alan Cottenden, Emeritus Professor of Incontinence Technology, UCL. 

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Applications are open to any product which demonstrably improves patient quality of life and places patient need at the centre of their design. Pharmaceutical products (i.e. medication) are not eligible for entry. Applications are open to products launched between 1st January 2020 and 31st October 2022 (and then 1st November-31st October in subsequent years), from companies who have exhibited with at least one Bladder & Bowel UK symposium during the period. 

Application packs will be available from the 20th June 2022. Applicants will be asked to provide the following information: 

  • Briefly provide context to the issue: What significant patient need does the product meet?  
  • How were patients and/or their families engaged in the conception, design and trial of the product? 
  • What input on the final design did patients and/or their families have? 
  • How does the product better meet the need of patients than alternative solutions? 
  • How does it support improved patient health and/or improve quality of life outcomes?  
  • How is this measured and evaluated? 

Applicants will submit: 

  • A short product description (maximum 100 words) 
  • A digital presentation or video about the product (maximum five minutes). Two videos – one for each group of judges – can be provided if desired.  
  • A document in PDF format containing text, images and graphics about the products (maximum three pages). Two documents – one for each group of judges – can be provided if desired 


The winner will receive an award from Bladder & Bowel UK, and a digital media pack (including a graphic for promotional use, certificate, and quote from the judging panel), feature on the award page of, social media exposure and mentioned in Bladder & Bowel UK’s newsletters. A representative of the winning company will be invited to deliver a ten-minute presentation at a Bladder & Bowel UK symposium for professionals working in the continence field, taking place in 2023 (Spring and Autumn – dates TBC). The award will be presented on 20th December 2022. 

Key dates 

Applications open on Monday 20th June 2022 to mark World Continence Week 2022 (Monday 20th to Sunday 26th June 2022).  

Applications close on 31st October. 


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