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lnformation and advice for all adults, children and young people with bladder and bowel issues and for their families and carers, as well as the professionals who support them.

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The Bladder & Bowel UK team aims to improve awareness and solutions to bladder and bowel problems across the nation. We offer a range of resources and leaflets, continence supplies online, a directory of bladder and bowel products, free confidential advice via our Bladder & Bowel UK helpline, and training days for healthcare professionals.

Bladder and bowel problems are very common but are often not discussed. This makes it difficult to seek help. Many people believe that problems are a natural part of early childhood and older adulthood. However, it is important to know that they can affect anyone at any stage in life, they may be related to other medical problems, to disabilities, or may occur in people who are otherwise well. Regardless of cause, there are a wide choice of treatments, products and management options that can help.

Free National Confidential Helpline

Bladder & Bowel UK have a national confidential helpline, staffed by a team of specialist nurses and a product information adviser. They can give specialist advice on bladder and bowel health issues, continence promotion and options for managing incontinence, as well as signposting to local services. They can be contacted via email at or on telephone 0161 214 4591.

Bladder & Bowel UK do not receive any statutory funding to support our helpline, assessments and additional services, if you have found our service useful, please consider making a donation.

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