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Many parents and carers worry about toilet training their children. This can be so much more difficult for children who have disabilities, particularly if advice is to wait until the child seems ready. Many children with disabilities, particularly those with processing or learning problems do not understand that they should be using a toilet, are used to a nappy and therefore don’t ask to wear pants, don’t know to indicate when their nappy is wet or soiled and don’t show an interest in the toilet. 

Seminar: Managing Continence in Schools

Children with disabilities are also more likely to have problems with daytime wetting, constipation and soiling after toilet training. All of these can be difficult to manage at home and even more so at school.  In recognition of this, Davina Richardson, Children’s Continence Nurse at Bladder & Bowel UK will be delivering a seminar on Managing Continence in Schools at this year’s Kidz to Adultz Middle on Thursday 15th March. The seminar is aimed at parents, carers and professionals who work with children who attend mainstream or special schools and have a continence problem. Have a look at the Show Guide for more information about this and the other seminars that are running.

We’ll be on stand E1 at Kidz to Adultz Middle

Davina and Andrea will also be on hand at the Bladder & Bowel UK stand E1 throughout the event to answer any individual questions that parents, carers or professionals may have on any aspect of toilet training, or bladder and bowel health.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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