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Professional Resources

Resources for Professionals

Take a look at the wide range of bladder and bowel professional resources below.

Adult Resources

To see a list of Adult resources click here.

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Toileting Aids

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Urinals on Prescription with Photos

Children and Young People Resources

Resources written by Bladder & Bowel UK for Professionals:

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 BASELINE Toileting Chart Instructions

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Baseline Toileting chart

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Desmopressin Information for Healthcare Professionals

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342  Flowchart NE & LD

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Improving Treatment Outcomes for Bedwetting

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Information for Professionals and Carers – Toilet Training with Autism & Developmental Disabilties

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Information Sheet – Paediatric Assessment Tool for Issuing of Products

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Information Sheet – Toilet Training Children with Additional Needs

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Managing Disimpaction and Constipation with Macrogol Laxatives

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Paediatric Assessment Tool for Issuing of Products

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Pathway for constipation in children and young people with learning disabilities

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Toilet Skill Assessment Chart

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Toilet Skill Assessment Instructions

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Understanding_Nocturnal_Enuresis  – Improving Treatment Outcomes

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Understanding Management of Bedwetting in Children Under the Age of 7 Years

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Understanding Bladder and Bowel Comorbidities in Children with Additional Needs

Children’s Continence Pathways 

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Paediatric Non-Idiopathic Bowel Care Pathway

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Children’s Continence Care Pathways Level 1 and Level 2

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Initial Assessment Level 1

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342  Level One Resource Pack for Children’s Bladder and Bowel Care

To see our resources for Children, Young People and their families click here


Managing Bladder and Bowel Issues in Nurseries, Schools and Colleges

Sample Care Plan

Sample Intimate Care Policy

School Toilet Charter

Other Useful Resources

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Essity Bottom of the Class

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Excellence in Continence In Care

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Guidance for the Provision of Continence Containment Products to Children 2019

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 It Happens to Me Too

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 Managing Bowel and Bladder Issues in Nurseries, Schools and Colleges

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 PCF – Tobys Sub Optimal Versus Optimal Pathway

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 PCF Children’s Continence Commissioning Guide 2019

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 The Right Care Approach for Treating Intractable Constipation (James)

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342 The Right Care Approach for Treating Idiopathic Constipation (Michael)

Useful links to NICE guidance on bladder and bowel conditions (Children)

adobe-pdf-icon-vector_219605-e1484841710342Children’s Continence

Causes of Bedwetting

Treatments of Bedwetting

Elly’s Success

Pelvic floor exercises


Partners and Supporters