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It is important if you need to use a continence pad for a bladder problem that you use one appropriate to your needs. The absorbency of pads varies to meet different levels of urinary leakage. The reasons people leak urine varies.

Continence pads have the function of absorbing urine. When choosing a pad it is important to start small and then, if this pad leaks, move up a level until you find one that is comfortable and does not leak. This way you will find the right means this product to meet your individual needs.

It is advisable that you consult the local continence service for a continence assessment to aid effective management of your bladder problem, as many problems can be treated, and receive advice on products suitable for your leakage.

Continence pad


When using pads it is advisable not to use any creams or talcs in the area where the pad will be fitted, as this will affect the rate at which the pad absorbs the urine. Creams and talc in the pad area may mean damage to the skin can result in urine is sitting close to the skin for longer than necessary and cause soreness and rashes.


To ensure the pad works as well as it can, wearing the correct underwear is really important as this aids correct fitting. It is essential for men and women that close fitting underwear is worn. You can purchase fixation pants from pad manufacturers to aid good fitting and support for the pad. Correct fitting will reduce the risk of leakage and promote comfort and dignity.

You should fit the pads as instructed. It is, also, important not to change the appearance of the pad i.e. do not cut the pad as the performance will be drastically reduced.


It is essential to store pads in a cool dry place. Do not store in a bathroom or cellar as the dampness or humidity will affect how much urine the pad can absorb. Also, it is advisable to remove a daily allowance of pads up to 24 hours prior to use to fluff up the fibres in the pad that are responsible for absorbing urine.


All continence pads can be disposed of in normal domestic rubbish. It is important that the pads are first folded after usage and then disposed of in a nappy sack or bin liner prior to being put out with the rubbish.

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