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Dealing with continence problems in school and early year’s settings can be difficult. Traditionally children were expected to be toilet trained before they could start school or nursery. However, toilet training is happening later now than in previous generations and schools report that increasing numbers of children are in nappies when they start nursery.

Delay in toilet training can happen for a number of reasons, including bowel or bladder problems, processing or sensory disorders, or disability. It is not helpful to assume that delayed toilet training is due to poor parenting. It is rarely due to parents or carers not having tried to toilet train their children. If this is the situation, children will usually learn to use the toilet quickly when they see other children do so and are provided with support and encouragement.

Children who do not make expected progress with toilet training, or who have additional needs should be offered assessment of their bladder and bowel health and their families provided with support for individualized toilet training programmes, based on the outcome of the assessment. Toilet training should not be delayed because of additional needs alone.

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National Confidential Bladder & Bowel UK helpline

Bladder & Bowel UK provides information and support about managing continence problems in schools as well as training packages for professionals. We also have a variety of information leaflets available to help teachers, school governors, other professionals, families, and children understand the issues and options to address them.

We also provide a national confidential helpline: telephone 0161 214 4591 or via email at This is available to all those working with or caring for children, young people and adults affected by bladder, bowel and toilet training problems as well as to families. If there is no one available to help you when you call, please leave your contact details and we will get back to you. Although this may not be the same day.

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