Remember bedwetting is a medical condition Bedwetting is a medical condition. It is not caused by […]
four teenagers sat on a bench, smiling at the camera
Nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) is a common medical condition in children, but what is less well known […]
girl looking worried hugging her father
With so much information about bedwetting available online, it can be difficult for families to unpick […]
A nurse and a child sat next to each other. The child is looking at the nurse and grinning. The image is to illustrate why bedwetting should be treated.
Bedwetting may not get better without being treated Many people believe that bedwetting is something that […]
A group of young children smiling to illustrate that treatment is available for bedwetting
What treatment is available for bedwetting? Bedwetting is considered a medical condition in anyone who is […]
A child who has wet the bed
On day one of World Bedwetting Week, we’re sharing what bedwetting is, why it happens, and […]
Young children looking into the camera for talking about bedwetting
Bedwetting affects approximately 20% of five-year-olds and 10% of seven-year-olds; 1-3 % of teenagers and 0.5-1% […]
Mother and daughter cooking together, woman talking on the phone.
By Brigitte Collins & Michelle Henderson of MacGregor Healthcare INTRODUCTION A 42-year-old woman (Lucy, pseudonym) presented […]
intermittent self catheterisation products
Written by Claire Lowther, Nurse Manager for Coloplast Ltd, and Tracey Murphy senior Coloplast Nurse for […]
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Forever Caring At Convatec, ‘forever caring’ is our promise to give patients and healthcare providers the […]