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Secondary Bedwetting – Advice and Information from Bladder & Bowel UK

little boy asleep in bed with starry quilt

Davina Richardson, Children’s Specialist Nurse at Bladder & Bowel UK, talks about secondary bedwetting along with the advice and information we offer via our website and helpline. Bedwetting is one of the most common medical conditions experienced for children. If a child continues to experience wet nights after their fifth birthday and they are toilet […]

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The Myths and Facts of Bedwetting

myth and fact written on arrow shaped sticky notes

Davina Richardson, Children’s Specialist Nurse at BBUK talks about the common myths and facts of bedwetting and how you can contact the team for information and advice. Bedwetting has always been a problem experienced by many children. For some it continues into adulthood. However, this problem, that can have a huge negative impact for many […]

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Dedicated to Advancing Clinical Oncology and Life Saving Research

oncology convention

Knowledge surrounding cancer and the development of modern technologies has revolutionised the way healthcare has been offered over the last 50 years. The extent of the development means that someone diagnosed with cancer today is twice as likely to survive 10 years after their diagnosis than they would in 1970. Until we find a cure […]

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Celebrating Karen’s 34th Year in Nursing

hospital door opening up to a coridoor

It is not uncommon to hear a nurse say, “we are just doing our job”. Nurses work across many different areas. They provide healthcare services, monitor and support patient progress, educate patients, their families, carers and others regarding their health condition as well as providing day-to-day care. It is important to also acknowledge that many nurses […]

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How to Knit a Demonstration Colon 

grey knitted gloves and wool material

Find out how to knit a demonstration colon with our step by step guide. The knitted demonstration colon is a great way to visually display bowel movement. It can be used to explain or demonstrate some of the following:   Peristalsis and Hirschsprung’s  Stretch receptors and bowel sensation  Ano rectal sling/ knees up position on the […]


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How Daytime Bladder Problems Impact Bedwetting in Children

mother teaching child about bedwetting

Bladder problems, such as bedwetting and daytime wetting often come hand in hand. Becoming dry at night is a fine balance between how much wee is produced during sleep and the ability of the bladder to store that wee overnight. The crucial factor in all this is the ability of the brain to recognise full bladder […]

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