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Bedwetting: The facts

child in bed with mum reading a bed time story

Time To Take Action: World Bedwetting Day 2021 For World Bedwetting Day 2021 Bladder & Bowel UK are releasing a series of blogs to help increase understanding of a problem that is not often discussed, but causes stress and distress throughout the world to children, young people, and their families as well as some adults. […]

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Managing Menstruation and Incontinence

woman with hot water bottle

Jane Smith, Product Manager at Attends UK. She talks about managing menstruation and incontinence. Many questions are asked about wearing sanitary protection in combination with a continence product. There is little research on the subject. Continence nurse specialists usually advise that it is an individual choice for the person, their carer or family. If sanitary […]

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National Nutrition Month: The impact of diet on constipation in children

National Nutrition month - fruit and vegetables

For National Nutrition Month, our Children’s Specialist Nurse, Davina Richardson has written a blog of the importance of diet on constipation in children. What we eat can affect our health. Diet is particularly important in the early years of life because childhood is the time of rapid growth and development and lots of activity.  It […]

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World Down Syndrome Day 2021

Down Syndrome child

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on 21st March and this year the theme is ‘we decide’. This has been chosen to reflect United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. There are eight core principles to the Convention and these are: Respect for dignity, for the rights of the individual with a […]

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