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To view the full range of continence products and disability aids, please click on the first button below. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the sales team on 0330 053 5930.

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We are delighted to be working in partnership with Complete Care Shop

Providing you with a comprehensive online shopping facility for equipment and products to make life easier. Complete Care Shop has over 250,000 in stock items at competitive prices offering you choice from a wide range of manufacturers including mobility aids, daily living products, continence supplies together with telecare and telehealth equipment. In addition, Complete Care Shop has a reputation for excellent customer service which made the decision to enter into this partnership an easy decision to make!

Contact BBUK for Information and Advice on Bladder and/or Bowel Issues

The main advantage of purchasing via the Bladder & Bowel UK website, is the opportunity for you or your clients to speak to Continence Specialists for free impartial help and advice, ensuring unnecessary purchases are not made. If you would like to contact BBUK’s helpline for advice on disability aids and equipment, please call us on 0161 214 4591.

Bladder & Bowel UK receive a commission from product sales to support our free helpline services.

Continence products

Visit Incontinence Products at Complete Care Shop to browse a wide selection that includes Tena, Lille, iD and more for pants and pads along with products that offer protection like Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream and specialist Incontinence Wipes. You will also find disposable gloves, urinals, bed pans, seat and bed pads and even swimwear.

In the Beds and Bedding department on Complete Care Shop, you will also find Waterproof bedding and Waterproof duvets and pillows which offer good bed protection.


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