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Toilet Training Resources

Toilet Training resources

Toilet Training: Initial Information

Potty Training Programmes

Ready or Not: When to Start Toilet Training

Top tips for potty training children with Down syndrome and other learning disabilities

Talk About Going to the Toilet

Toilet Training: A Skill Development Programme

Understanding Getting Ready – Potty Training


Toilet Training Additional Information

Toilet Training Children with Autism and Related Conditions – Parents

Toilet Training Children with Autism and Related Conditions – Professionals and Carers

Using a Wetting Alarm for Toilet Training


Pants4School Top Toileting Tips

Pants4School are resources developed with Positive About Down Syndrome to help toilet training children with learning disabilities. The aim is to enable children with Down syndrome to be toilet ready for school.

Encouraging Drinks

Frequently Asked Questions – Potty Training and Continence FAQ

How Long on the Potty

How Much to Drink and How Many Wees a Day?

Readiness for Toilet Training

Step 1 – Setting the Scene

Step 2 – Developing the Skills Needed

Step 3 – Identifying Patterns

Step 4 – Using the Toilet for Wee or Poo

Think Balloon

Toilet rules age 1

Toilet rules age 2

Toilet rules age 3

When to Visit the Potty


Partners and Supporters