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Toilet training including for children with additional needs

What will this session cover?

This Bladder & Bowel UK Lunchtime Learning session will look at how and why toilet training practices have changed over the years, what is typical in terms of the development of bladder and bowel control in early childhood and how toilet training can be supported for all children, including making recommendations for children with additional needs.


  • Understand why children are toilet training at a later age now than in earlier decades
  • Have an understanding of the wider factors that may impact the acquisition of the skills for toilet training
  • Be aware of the skills needed for successful toilet training and how to support families and children as they work towards their acquisition….
  • Have the confidence to work with children and families where toilet training is an issue .
  • To be able to recommend and support an individualised programme for skill development.
  • Be able to find resources, information and support.

wednesday 6th november 2024
12.30 to 1.30pm
a child sat on a potty - only their legs and knees are visible

Who can attend?

Any healthcare professional involved in the care of children in the community, including but not limited to school nurses, health visitors, community nurses, learning disability nurses, allied healthcare professionals, community paediatricians, GPs, practice nurses, nursery nurses and support workers, etc. 

About this training

All training is delivered via Zoom.

Computer security and firewalls may prevent you from joining our training please make sure you have made the necessary adjustments to allow for Zoom webinars.

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