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Booklets and Information Leaflets for Children and Young People with Bladder and Bowel Problems

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Click on the images to read our professional guides and downloadable resources for children and young people with bladder and/or bowel problems.

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More Information

The ‘Talk about…’ range of booklets are aimed at children to help them understand the problems they are having and what needs to be done to help things get better.

The ‘Understanding…’ range is aimed at carers and professionals to help them understand specific issues and how best to address them. We are currently developing a similar range of resources for adults with bladder and/or bowel problems and would also welcome any suggestions regarding specific topics you would like to see developed.

The ‘Discussing…’ range will be aimed at adults and reflect the ‘Talk about…’ range of booklets giving an overview of specific problems and the treatment options available.

The ‘Facts about…’ range will be aimed more at professionals and carers to give a deeper understanding and explanation of the specific conditions and treatments.

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