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Do you suffer from a bladder or pelvic condition?

King’s College London are seeking to understand individual’s experiences living with these syndromes, and the impacts they have on a person’s wellbeing and quality of life. We are recruiting women over age 18 with a bladder or pelvic condition to participate. The study requires you to take part in a 30 to 60-minute telephone interview, where you will answer questions focused on your personal experience. The research aims to use the knowledge gathered to develop a biopsychosocial model of bladder and pelvic syndromes. For further information please contact

World Bedwetting Day LogoWorld Bedwetting Day 2021

World Bedwetting Day returns on Tuesday 25th May, 2021.

By raising awareness of bedwetting as a common condition that can be treated, World Bedwetting Day aims to encourage families to discuss bedwetting with their healthcare professional and get the help they need. For more information, visit:


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