Bladder & Bowel UK campaigns

Disease awareness

Bladder & Bowel UK help to raise awareness of multiple bladder and/or bowel diseases and issues, from World Bedwetting Week to………….

Social issues

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Combatting stigma

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Stalls for All

Partnering with Initial Washroom Hygiene, we have delivered a ‘washroom dignity’ campaign to push for public washrooms in men’s toilets to have adequate and hygienic sanitary disposal

New research reveals the challenges male incontinence sufferers face, with 50% afraid to leave their homes. The partnership between Bladder & Bowel UK and Initial Washroom Hygiene aims to confront taboo surrounding incontinence and focus on addressing inadequate facilities within public washrooms. 

As of November 2022, Lewis Moody MBE has joined the Stalls for All campaign. Moody, who suffers with ulcerative colitis, has previously experienced bowel incontinence as a result of the disease and has had first hand experience with the struggle of disposing of sanitary products.

Incontinence poverty

Bladder & Bowel UK and NRS Healthcare have partnered to help combat ‘incontinence poverty’ in response to the cost of living crisis 

As the cost of living crisis worsens, Bladder & Bowel UK and NRS Healthcare, the UK’s leading online living aids retailer, have partnered in order to offer a range of free incontinence products for those who may be struggling to afford these essential items. We have shared this campaign through a comprehensive list of warm banks, food banks and community centres across the UK to deliver our message.

World Bedwetting Week

Bladder & Bowel UK have been heavily involved in promoting awareness of enuresis and supporting parents, carers and professionals on treating and learning about the condition

In 2021, Bladder & Bowel UK’s Children’s Specialist Nurse, Davina Richardson, was involved in National Bedwetting Day on the …….. where we released specialist blog posts to support healthcare professionals and parents. In September of 2021, Davina Richardson joined Keith Duffy (Boyzone singer and actor) on GB News to raise awareness of the medical condition and joined BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show to spread the word of the campaign.

World Bedwetting Week will return on the 5th June 2023 in which Bladder & Bowel UK will be helping raise awareness of the complex disorder by providing ……..

National healthcare awareness campaigns

Bladder & Bowel UK have worked multiple times with Mediaplanet for healthcare awareness, with our most recent campaign looking at the male pelvic floor

Bladder & Bowel UK’s Service Manager and Nurse Specialist, Karen Irwin, published an article in the Men’s Health MediaPlanet supplement accompanying The Guardian on the 30th March 2023 in order to raise awareness of men’s health conditions. Karen’s article looked at the importance of partaking in pelvic floor exercises to keep a healthy bladder and bowel, as well as healthy sexual function.