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World Bedwetting Day 2020

girl asleep with teddy bear

World Bedwetting Day LogoWorld Bedwetting Day 2020 takes on place on Tuesday 26th May 

By raising awareness of bedwetting as a common condition that can be treated, World Bedwetting Day 2020 aims to encourage families to discuss bedwetting with their healthcare professional and get the help they need.

Bladder & Bowel UK have a wide range of free downloadable resources for children that can help support both affected parents and children.

world bedwetting day infographic

You can also visit: www.stopbedwetting.org for further information.

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Bladder & Bowel UK’s Enuresis Award 2020

The aim of the award is simply to recognise excellence in enuresis care with a prize of £500! Please visit our Enuresis Award page for more information.


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