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Overactive Bladder: a common cause of bladder continence problems in children and young people

group of children and young people against wall

Monday 21st July to Sunday 27th July marks World Continence Week 2021. Davina Richardson, Children’s Specialist Nurse at Bladder & Bowel UK, talks about an overactive bladder in children and young people.  Many children and young people experience bladder problems, but these are often poorly understood. They may be associated with behavioural difficulties or emotional […]

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How Continence Problems Can Affect Mental Health

girl looking worried hugging her father

For Stress Awareness Week, BBUK’s Children’s Specialist Nurse, June Rogers, looks at how bladder and/or bowel issues can cause stress and affect a person’s mental health. Historically, continence problems (wetting and soiling) in childhood were thought to be the result of the child having an underlying psychological or behavioural problem. A journal article written in […]

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Supporting Children with Bladder and Bowel Issues as They Return to School

group of schools children

The charities Bladder & Bowel UK and ERIC, The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity, have experienced a recent increase in calls to their helplines, from anxious families concerned about how their children’s toileting needs will be met on return to school in September.  A survey conducted over the summer by ERIC found that 22% of […]

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World Continence Week 2020

family group photo

Karen Irwin, Specialist Nurse/Service Manager at BBUK talks about this year’s World Continence Week (WCW). World Continence Week is a health campaign run by the International Continence Society (ICS) every year to raise awareness of incontinence related issues. This year it takes place from the 15th – 21st June. Bladder and bowel problems are not […]


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Davina Talks About Continence Problems in Schools

group of children smiling wearing colourful clothes

This post has been written by Davina Richardson, Children’s Specialist Nurse at Bladder & Bowel UK. Prevalence of continence problems Continence problems are considered to be one of the most prevalent healthcare issues in children and young people. Functional constipation affects 0.7-29.6% of (Koppen et al 2014); faecal incontinence, which is often secondary to chronic […]

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