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Overactive Bladder: a common cause of bladder continence problems in children and young people

group of children and young people against wall

Monday 21st July to Sunday 27th July marks World Continence Week 2021. Davina Richardson, Children’s Specialist Nurse at Bladder & Bowel UK, talks about an overactive bladder in children and young people.  Many children and young people experience bladder problems, but these are often poorly understood. They may be associated with behavioural difficulties or emotional […]

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Nutrition and Hydration Tips for Children

children with adult at table with fruit

Nutrition and Hydration Week was first held in 2012 with the aim of highlighting and educating people about the role of food and drinks in maintaining health and wellbeing. At Bladder & Bowel UK we are frequently asked questions about the role of water for children with bladder and/or bowel conditions, as well as how […]

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Bedwetting: The facts

child in bed with mum reading a bed time story

Time To Take Action: World Bedwetting Day 2021 For World Bedwetting Day 2021 Bladder & Bowel UK are releasing a series of blogs to help increase understanding of a problem that is not often discussed, but causes stress and distress throughout the world to children, young people, and their families as well as some adults. […]

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