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Alternative Suggestions for Promoting and Maintaining Continence

It is important that those with continence (bladder and/or bowel) problems or those who care for them, have access to professional help and advice and are signposted to their local services. Many continence problems are treatable. However, it may be that following a full assessment, alternative solutions for promoting and managing continence are identified as […]

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Finding the Right Continence Pad for Your Needs

continence products

It is important if you need to use a continence pad for a bladder problem that you use one appropriate to your needs. The absorbency of pads varies to meet different levels of urinary leakage. The reasons people leak urine varies. Continence pads have the function of absorbing urine. When choosing a pad it is […]

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Top Tips for Children’s Continence Problems

child and parents

This post has been written by Davina Richardson, Children’s Continence Nurse at BBUK. Do you worry about your child’s continence? Are you a professional involved in supporting children who have continence problems? Are there concerns about: Wetting, or dribbling, day or night? Pooing in their pants? Constipation? Do they appear to avoid using the toilet? […]

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Popular Questions About Your Bladder and Bowel


September is Urology Awareness Month and this week sees the start of Urology Week. The Bladder & Bowel UK helpline is often contacted by people looking for advice on a wide range of continence products and appliances, or for help regarding toilets and aids to assist individuals with toileting. Sometimes working out which continence product is […]

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How to Encourage Children to Drink More Water

water being poured into a small glass

Davina, Children’s Continence Nurse at BBUK, gives advice on how to help children to drink more water. Adequate fluid intake is important for maintaining health and well-being.  Most school age children should have about one and a half liters of water per day with half of this during the school day.  Children will need more […]

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It’s Time to Take Action for World Bedwetting Day 2017

World Bedwetting Day

Tuesday 30th May is World Bedwetting Day, which is held on the last Tuesday of May each year. Healthcare professionals think it’s ‘time to take action’ and ask families to consider sharing their stories if they have been faced by this medical condition. By doing so, they hope to make more people aware that there […]

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