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November, 2019

How to Knit a Demonstration Colon 

grey knitted gloves and wool material

Find out how to knit a demonstration colon with our step by step guide. The knitted demonstration colon is a great way to visually display bowel movement. It can be used to explain or demonstrate some of the following:   Peristalsis and Hirschsprung’s  Stretch receptors and bowel sensation  Ano rectal sling/ knees up position on the […]


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How Daytime Bladder Problems Impact Bedwetting in Children

mother teaching child about bedwetting

Bladder problems, such as bedwetting and daytime wetting often come hand in hand. Becoming dry at night is a fine balance between how much wee is produced during sleep and the ability of the bladder to store that wee overnight. The crucial factor in all this is the ability of the brain to recognise full bladder […]

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