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May, 2019

World Bedwetting Day – Working with Others to Improve Bedwetting

mother and son in bed with a book

This post has been written by Davina Richardson, Children’s Specialist Nurse at BBUK, for World Bedwetting Day. Telling people what you do for a living, when you are a Children’s Specialist Continence Nurse produces a range of responses. Some people think that all I do is give nappies to children who have had difficulties with toilet […]

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World Bedwetting Day – Time to Take Action!

5 year old girl in bed with her cuddly soft toys

This post has been written by June Rogers, Children’s Specialist Nurse at BBUK, for this year’s World Bedwetting Day. Bedwetting, sometimes called enuresis, is a common childhood problem affecting around 20% of all 5 year olds. Historically bedwetting was thought to be something children would ‘grow out’ of. However we now have a much better understanding […]

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Celebrating International Nurses Day

team photo of bbuk staff members for international nurses day

International Nurses Day (IND) takes place on 12th May each year. The date itself has a strong historical significance – the birthday of perhaps the world’s most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale. The International Council of Nurses is operated by nurses and leads nurses internationally. The organisation works to ensure quality nursing care for all and sound health […]


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Toilet Training Children with Additional Needs – Ready or Not!

toddler sitting on the floor learning about toilet training

This post has been written by June Rogers, Children’s Specialist Nurse at BBUK. June talks about toilet training children with additional needs. Becoming toilet trained is a milestone all parents strive for with their child, particularly if that child has additional needs. For some parents, this seems an unachievable goal. However, experience has shown us that […]

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