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March, 2018

Gareth Brown Tells Us How Small Things Can Make a Huge Difference

children on chairs in kenya

This Story of the Month has been written by Gareth Brown, Development Manager at AAT GB Ltd.  In October 2017, we received a video clip from an OT from Northern Ireland. She was making an enquiry about buying a Chillibean. This is one of our Stabilo vacuum posture cushions. Nothing unusual in that, it is […]


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Top Tips for Toilet Training Children with Down’s Syndrome

down syndrome baby smiling

This post has been written by Davina Richardson, Children’s Specialist Nurse at BBUK. It is often assumed that because children with Down’s syndrome have delayed development, they will inevitably be delayed toilet training. Healthcare professionals often advise parents and carers to wait until the child seems ready.  However, there is no evidence or even agreement […]

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Raising Awareness of Bladder and Bowel Problems in Teenagers

young teenage students sat on bench

This blog post has been written by Davina Richardson, Children’s Specialist Nurse at BBUK.   Bladder and bowel problems are common in people of all ages, but are rarely discussed. This increases embarrassment and anxiety and makes it more difficult for teenagers to ask for help. For some, wetting or dribbling of urine during the day, […]

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Speak to Our BBUK Team at Kidz to Adultz Middle

bladder and bowel uk team photo

Many parents and carers worry about toilet training their children. This can be so much more difficult for children who have disabilities, particularly if advice is to wait until the child seems ready. Many children with disabilities, particularly those with processing or learning problems do not understand that they should be using a toilet, are […]

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